Tuesday, 8 June 2010


(Flip-Up Sunglasses: Rokit, Bib Necklace: Primark, Lipstick:17)

Last few days my bifday has come and gone. Somehow when that time of year comes around, I get unusually depressed. Gone are the days when I manipulate those around me into buying me whatever my heart desires.
Now it seems to be a time of reflection. Another indication about how fast time is flying. In 6months it will be xmas and yet another year gone.
But got these baby's as one of the many presents for myself.


Ps. Had day off and was going to go sock shopping- on reflection ended up chillaxing at home because I know I would have spent way more. So did my nails - meant to be spray paint effect. Had to DIY because where I am there ain't no WAH WAH! nails.


  1. Your really good at doing you own nails! Thats so difficult to master, you a nail techincian?

    Why did you say that abouit xmas in 6 months?! How depressing! Life is just passing me by and doesn't seem to offer much in return! Forget about xmas, lets concentrate on the summer first!

    Happy belated birthday xxx

  2. Glasses are really funny haha