Thursday, 17 June 2010

True Blue

Have been loving the amazing weather we have been blessed with as of late.
However, I seem to be far too tired, have been popping anti-histamines like they're going out of fashion, starting to get careful round too much sun exposure cus am getting major skin rash, and been drinking beer to cool myself down.
Good times.
Thought I hadn't blogged in a bit and I have pix I have not uploaded.
I am a lucky girl like every other girl out there. Here is one of the bestest presents I have ever received.
I wore them out for food but forgot to take camera (bad times). Wore them with mega tight skinnies I have never been able to fit into, and after recent booze, syprus sponge and custard binge I gotta feeling I ain't guna fit into them for a long time again.

Ps. They stain my feet blue and I have since over moisturised, so my skin is no longer as dry as in the pic. Sorry for GBH-ing your eyes.

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